Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding Photography Tips

Everybody wants to look at their wedding pictures and be happy that they chose the right photographer. The essence of photos is to capture the moments experienced during that day; the only way you can do this is to hire a professional photographer. Here are some wedding photography tips that wedding photographers can apply in order to take perfect pictures.

Make a Shot List

Get the couple to think about the kind of photos they want taken during their big day.  This is very important especially when it comes to the family photos, ensure that you know the people they want included. It’s always a disappointment when you deliver the photos to the couple only to find you didn’t include an important family member.

Tour the Location

Visit the location so that you can have an idea of how the lighting will influence the photos taken. It also gives you an idea of where you can take the best shots during the wedding.

Be Prepared

A lot of things can go wrong but make sure photography is not one of them. Ensure you have carried extra photography equipment just in case one of them ain’t working. You can also attend the rehearsal and interact with different people plus try taking photos from there.

Be Sociable

Be friendly during the wedding so that people can be in a good mood while you are taking photos. You can even pull out your selfie stick so that you can take a good selfie with the couple and their families. With you being a happy chap, people who have attended the wedding and plan to have their weddings soon might hire you as their photographer.

There are a lot of many tips available for you to implement during wedding photography but this are the most important ones.

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is in itself a work of art. It takes a lot of time and patience in order for you to get the best shots on wildlife. Wild animals will still do what they want to do whether you are running out of time or not. These animals are not like human beings who you will tell to do a certain thing and they will adhere. You have to be prepared when they decide to look all cute and interesting. You have to wait and wait even if it’s for long hours to get that perfect shot.


Having your equipment ready at all times is really important when it comes to wildlife photography. Telephoto lenses are a must have when it comes to wildlife photography, you will determine the size of the lens depending on how close you can get to your subject.  When it comes to flighty animals, you do need really long lenses. You can also use a teleconverter which is really light weight and they magnify the creatures. The images of a teleconverter are not as good as those of a telephoto lens.

Mount your camera on a tripod or you can mount it on a selfie stick since which is advantageous due to its adjustable head that can allow you to take the photos at different angles.


When it comes to wildlife photography, their environment does matter to the person viewing the photos. Remember to bring out the personalities of the different animals in the photos and also capture the environment they live in and what they do on a daily basis. The habitats of these animals communicate a lot to the viewer of the photos.

These are two key points you should always have in mind when carrying out your wildlife photography.

Black and White Portrait Photography

Black and White Portrait Photography

Some people still would prefer a black and white portrait, even when we are in a generation where everything has been digitalized. There are digital cameras that are able to capture all the different colors that may appear during your portrait taking but one still prefers a black and white portrait. The black and white trend is an aspect which has remained constant in the photography world. A black and white portrait is always timeless, gives complete focus to your subject and bring out their natural side more. This is a list of some tips you can implement when you want take a black and white portrait for a client.

Have the black and white perspective in mind

For most photographers, black and white is more than a creativity aspect but a mindset. Having the black and mind perspective in mind helps you to be well prepared and you can adjust the different settings in order to achieve a picture perfect monochrome image of your subject. You can’t predict the emotions that your subject is going to explicit during the shoot, so ensure you are totally prepared before pressing the shutter.

Emphasize the expressions

In a black and white portrait, all the little aspects become clearer. Ask your subject to express their different emotion whether it’s twitching or a raised eyebrow and even smiles under the eyes. As a photographer ensure you have captured all these emotions which gives a twist to the portrait.

The eyes

Eyes are always an important aspect when it comes to shooting portrait photography. The eyes are the focus point when it comes to a portrait especially with the fact that its black and white plus all the color has been omitted. Ensure that your subject eyes are perfectly lit in order to draw full attention from the viewers.


When it comes to the lighting of a black and white portrait you can create your rules. You can create high contrast by using a hard source of light but if you prefer something soft, use softer light sources.

These tips will help you get around taking a black and white portrait plus ensure all your gadgets are in check whether it’s the selfie stick, camera, battery packs or tripod

Sports Photography

Sports Photography

Sports photography refers to the type of photography that covers all kinds of sports. Taking of sports photos is referred to as photojournalism and that is why sports photography is its branch. Amateur photography is a branch of vernacular photography, which entails an association of children playing football. Sports photography was only for editorial purposes back in the day but now people are using it in advertising and also in promoting a sport that is not popularly known.

Different gears are used during sports photography depending on the photographer’s budget and abilities. One requires lenses that have fast speed and also you should have a series of lenses so that you can interchange them when need arises. Having the right lenses comes in handy with this type of photography since you never know how easy or hard it will be to have access to the action. You also require accessories such as tripod, selfie stick, batteries and memory cards during your sports shoot.

Sports photographers also tend to use remote shutters when need arises, such as when shooting the action in a raised position where they cannot stay since they would distract the crowd that is on shoot. Photographers also implement the strip photography technique to show motion that has occurred over a certain period of time.

Different photographers have different preferences when it comes to the body of the camera. Most sports photographers prefer cameras that have high burst rates and very fast auto focus. The lenses will also differ depending on the sport you are shooting. You have to decide the best lens for the sport you will be shooting, by having in mind where it will occur whether it’s indoor or outdoor.

Sports photography is a vast area and it is growing day by day, as many people are taking it up as their hobby.